Dream Weavers

A black and white newspaper ad for a museum of our choice.

Since there can be a museum for just about anything I first came up with images that would be the most interesting and making the ad a rug was my first idea so textile museum it was.

Sketches and Doodles

I started off the sketches with subjects I was interested in or something funny/shocking. I came up with an ad for a breakfast, textile, spy, vintage car and dog museum.

Tight thumbnails

From the thumbnails it was easy to see which ads would be most effective and they were the textile and breakfast museum.

Tight Intermediate Hand Comps

What I liked most about these two intermediates was that they'd stand out among the other magazine ads and really draw the viewer in. In the end I went with the textile museum because it focused more on typography where as Hitlers breakfast was more illustrative.


Tight final hand comp


Intermediate B&W Computer Outputs

With so much information the rug kept getting shorter and shorter until it dawned on me to put the five exhibitions into the rug itself.


Having worked at art centers I knew beforehand what a professional exhibition ad looked like and it made it easier to design this ad in such a way. The image always comes to me fist and I add in the typography last which made this project harder but I was glad it came across as an actual exhibition.