CInema Focus: Kolburg

The focus was on 1945 films for a magazine cover and two page spread. Being a very interesting year for film, there were many different ways this magazine could have gone but ultimately Kolburg a movie that was Nazi Germany's last propaganda stood out the most. 


Sketches and Doodles


Tight thumbnails

For the masthead I wanted it stacked and in a tight rectangle to look like it could be easily converted to the next issue. 

In the spreads, the images were the main focus and the the type was small and well organized.

Tight Intermediate Hand Comps

The layout I landed on was very symmetrical and contained a lot of copy. The main headline gave me trouble as I was trying to fit it on top of the image and thats when I decided to combine two of my sketches, taking a more illustrative route on the cover image.

Intermediate B&W Computer Outputs

The masthead was easily created so I played around with a few different versions and ended up with the first version as it fit with the theme the most. 

The illustration really made the illustration pop and thus the typography could be more simple.


To match how interesting the history of the film was, I wanted the magazine to spurt out information in a circus kind of way but to follow the easy organization of the cover. With those two working together it made the layout both fun and easy to look at.