Salt Cake CIty

First a company was created - Salt Cake City Specialty Cake Company - then a type-only logo and finally a three part form that included cake descriptions, costs and other details. It had to be straight forward and user friendly but also needed to convey the character of the company. Forms are very dry... This one set out to be the opposite.


Sketches and Doodles

Because the form had very strict guidelines I wanted to use the logo as the more creative element and decided the best way to do it was by hand-drawing it. Straying away from the cutesy bakery look, I wanted Salt Cake City to be more groovy and bold.

For the form I started off with very little inspiration until I began to find good examples of forms that weren't boring and started sketching.

Tight thumbnails


I took those not-so-boring forms and began to borrow their ideas. What I liked were the sectioned off forms because they seemed to really organize the page making it easier for the designer and the user of the form.


Tight Intermediate

Hand Comps


Intermediate B&W Computer Outputs

The first few versions of the computer outputs had a lot of issues with spacing.

There wasn't enough space to write and it requires a lot of tweaking.



Initially this project seemed quite boring, a form is a form and there was so much information to squeeze onto a small piece of paper, it jut seemed tedious. After some research though, you could see how even on a form, good design can make anything more interesting. In a form the point of good design is to make the process seamless. 

By sectioning off the descriptions, costs and other details, I found I could make it easier to navigate while still having an interesting style about it.